10/20/14 Santiago H.

Good afternoon South House,

Today’s Game Plan:

  1. SSR (no seating indicated on the Game Plan this time)
  2. Turn in Good Food/Bad Food Worksheet Packet with annotations or evidence charts, and PAPA squares for each article
  3. Timed Worksheets

A Summary of Today:


So today wasn’t too bad, we did SSR as we normally do for 20 minutes and we turned in the homework assignment that Ms.Edwards assigned us over the weekend. Specifically, the items we had to turn in for the assignment was the Good Food/Bad Food Packet with 5 annotations for every page, or 3 evidence chart entries for every page and we also had to do a PAPA square for each article in the packet, which contains 3 articles (unless I somehow forgot how to count).  The first worksheet was about 15 minutes long and we had to write on a separate piece: a vocabulary word, from a provided word bank, that would best fit the blank in the sentence that was shown to us and then we had to write out the whole sentence with the synonym of the word we filled the blank with. The second worksheet was 10 minutes long and for that one we had to analyze the word choices that the author of the first article made. For the third worksheet, we were given several sentences that were derived, meaning made from, from a sentence from the homework packet and we had to combine the provided sentences into one or more sentences, while keeping the original meaning of the sentences, we had to finish this worksheet in. Finally, for the last worksheet, we had 15 minutes to read through a short packet and write about the content and purpose for each section that was specified in the packet.



Today in chemistry, Mr. Pang handed back our Nomenclature quiz, with our current grade in his class at the top left, he told us that he was about to finish grading component #2 for our house, by the way there was no homework due for him today, and we started learning about how to draw Lewis Structures using a fact sheet he gave us called “Rules for Drawing Lewis Structures,” specifically the section that talks about Lewis Structures I. Furthermore, if you didn’t finish the worksheet that he gave us in class, called “Lewis Structures I”, you had to get it stamped and it will be due tomorrow.


It wasn’t too intensive in history today, we watched CNN Student News, we got some of our assignments back (I got Quiz 2, Pgs 78-90, Pgs 130-135, and Pgs 112-118 back), Mr. Navaroli apologized about the amount of time it was taking him to grade our convention assignment, we took 8 slides worth of notes about the events that led to the Industrial and Transportation Revolution, which characterizes America’s shift from an agricultural society to an industrial society, and for the last 30 minutes of class we had free time, though Mr. Navaroli wanted us to have at least a short meeting with our project groups to talk about the 3rd component. No homework today (Go Cowboys! Woohoo!), but we have our notebooks are due next Monday and the second test is due next Monday too.

Have a great evening everyone. See you all tomorrow. Santiago H. signing out.